A Local Attorney Assisting Clients In Alabama

Guiding You Through Probate Administration In Alabama

Going through the probate process isn’t always necessary. However, if it is, it can be a complex and daunting endeavor.

At Patrick Collins, LLC, we will walk with you through the process from beginning to end. You won’t have to worry about what to do and how to do it with our lawyer by your side. Patrick Collins has 30 years of experience assisting families like yours with probate and estate administration in Alabama. From our Daphne office, we are available to represent you in Baldwin County and the surrounding area..

We Will Deal With All The Initial Details

Our attorney will take all the necessary first steps to open the probate proceeding. Among other things, Patrick Collins will:

  • Determine the appropriate court in which to file
  • File a petition to open the estate and appoint a personal representative
  • Provide timely notice to the heirs
  • Obtain a bond from the personal representative, if required
  • Attend an initial hearing with a probate judge, if necessary

We Will Also Help You Fulfill Your Responsibilities

If you were chosen as the personal representative or executor of the estate, the law requires you to faithfully complete your part of the process. However, don’t worry. Our lawyer will counsel you, providing face-to-face help and clear answers to your questions.

Here are a few of your responsibilities:

  • Collecting your deceased family member’s assets and taking control of his or her property
  • Conducting a detailed inventory of all assets and debts and filing that inventory with the probate court
  • Notifying all known and unknown creditors and paying debts out of estate assets

We encourage you to schedule a Your initial consultation to learn more about the Alabama probate and estate administration process. Simply call us at 251-445-5849 or send us an email. We are ready to help.