A Local Attorney Assisting Clients In Alabama

Help For Complying With Complex HOA Laws

Under Alabama law, homeowners’ associations (HOAs) have broad authority. Every HOA has its own set of rules, many of which are complex and seem to conflict with each other. Individual homeowners, HOA board members and associations themselves sometimes need an attorney’s guidance to ensure compliance with their laws.

That is what we are here for. At Patrick Collins, LLC, we assist Daphne-area clients who need assistance complying with HOA regulations. Our attorney, Patrick Collins, has 30 years of experience handling dozens of cases involving different associations, individuals and municipalities. He can help you understand the laws that apply to you, make sense of which procedures you must follow and what your options and rights are.

Some of the matters he can help you with include:

  • Governing documents
  • Document interpretation
  • Municipal requirements
  • Fees
  • Rules and regulations
  • Assessment schedules
  • Enforcement

Remember, you should never assume that the laws of one HOA are the same for another. When you need assistance interpreting, adhering to or enforcing the rules for a homeowners’ association, Patrick Collins can assist you.

What To Know About The Recent Law Change

Before 2016, HOAs did not have any requirement to file their documents with the state of Alabama. However, the state put a new law into effect requiring all HOAs formed after 2016 to file disclosure documents with the secretary of state. Mr. Collins can help you with the filing process, ensuring that you complete every step correctly to avoid penalties or time-consuming challenges.

Discuss HOA Law Compliance With A Lawyer

The rules, regulations, procedures and legalese you will encounter in HOA documents are immensely confusing. You do not have to make sense of it on your own, though. Reach out to Patrick Collins for helpful service regarding HOA compliance. To contact him for an initial consultation, call 251-445-5849 or send him an email.